Do it yourself !:

This is the most appropriate phrase to summarize the concept of BricoMosaico. From Artemagistra offer the possibility that our customers develop themselves wishing mosaics, following these steps:

  • Send the image to become mosaic. It is not necessary to have a large, 1MB is enough. You must tell one of the measures it wishes to have its mosaic (depending on the height or width of your image, the length across the mosaic will be calculated ).

If you want the tile size is one set, the image will be trimmed to fit the size set.

  • From your picture A STUDY PROJECT these measures will be prepared, in which the number of tiles is calculated, appropriate colors and shades of the pieces are estimated, a map of the distribution thereof shall be prepared and these data the price of the final product will be provided.
  • If we consider that the size indicated the mosaic is lacking in detail, it usually suggest a mosaic of minimum measures for the image sent. STUDIO PROJECT, will cost € 45 (Taxes not included), which is deducted from the final price in case you purchase our product. Once accepted and paid STUDY PROJECT payment (see Terms of Payment) mounting kit designed for each case will be prepared, consisting of:

-Document in .pdf map with placement of each of the sheets that make up the mosaic in DIN A4 format, so it can be printed on home printer.

- Template DIN A4 format.

- Fiberglass mesh in appropriate format to mesh mounted tiles template, leaves many meshes as .pdf.

- Chips of each of the corresponding colors. They sent entangled in small sheets of fiberglass, separated with paper to prevent scratching during transport.

  • Finally, the material will be sent to your home or address.
  • Now only missing vinyl glue ( white glue, carpenter, crafts for children) and a small roller to apply.

If desired, you can also draw the tiles shown in the section EXAMPLES, in which the budget is right next to each image.