Our company is dedicated to the production of glass mosaics from imageshand made and exclusive. Materials and tools we use to work are top quality, so the resulting products have excellent features.
The tiles used have a measure 10x10 mm, so that the image becomes sharper as well as increasing size. We have a palette of 64 colors, allowing us closer as possible to the shades of the real image.
Artemagistra show you  several  EXAMPLES: animals, nature, cities, objects, Work Art and people. These motifs want to suggest the mosaic that you could get with a personal image. We offer the possibility to make  any image you want in mosaic, so, you will obtain an exclusive, private and personal product to enjoy and very decorative..
Artemagistra lets you choose (on the menu each EXAMPLE is  beside the cart) two ways of acquiring the mosaic:


You will receive a meshes parcel with total image of the mosaic, which has been divided by meshes of 18 columns by 26 rows of tiles.
Each mesh will be marked by a letter (indicating the column to belongs in the total mosaic) and a number (indicating the row ), as like as a spreadsheet.
In this way you will start from the upper left corner the A1 sheet and continue with B1, C1 ... till complete the first row of tile.
Below the A1 will be the A2, A3 ... do like this  untill complete the row.- 


You will receive a template for DIN A4 mash assembly, fiberglass mesh required for assembly, the plane of each mesh with the position of each tile with its indicated color, and  tiles of each color to do the mosaic.
You will receive monocolor sets  of 81 pieces, which you must to remove for assembly on the final mesh. If the number of tiles is not a multiple of 81, one of the sets will contain only the remaining, not 81 pieces. Exemple: If you need 3540 tiles color A05, you will receive 43 sets of 81 and 1 set with 57 tiles.
Our company gives you the opportunity to acquire tiles, templates and meshes to  develop your own ideas if you choose to do yourself.
With all these exclusive  features, the main objective of Artemagistra is to provide high quality products, providing the necessary resources to offer a product adapted to customer needs.